About Us

Why We Are More LLC?

As we all know, many people of color have lost their lives because of the way they look. With the constant inequality actions, lack of confidence, and self doubt in this world, phrases like 'WE ARE MORE' needs to be amplified. 

'We Are More LLC' was created to encourage African Americans that WE ARE MORE than what others label us to be. The color of your skin or  the length and texture of your hair, does not define you.

Inspiring all individuals to embrace who you are, restore confidence, and minimize self doubt is the goal. You are Worthy. You are Able. You are More.

Meet the Founder

From beignets to king cake, king cake to snowballs, snowballs to poboys. "Laissez le bon temps rouler" - have you guessed it yet?

Being born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana where the culture & people are electric and raw was inspiring. Who would have thought at an early age; what I known to be home, would forever change.

On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina flooded and destroyed 80% of New Orleans. Due to severe and unfortunate circumstances, my family and I left and relocated to Texas.

After God, my close-knit family plays a very enormous role in my life. With my sister, brother, and I losing our mother at an early age; our wonderful and supportive grandparents became our guardians. During and after putting us through 4-5 years at THE Prairie View A&M University, our grandparents continued to remind us that our dreams will always matter and that they are possible. "If you alright, I'm alright. Together we stand, divided we fall. Believe in yourself and pursue your dreams," says our grandparents.

Their undeniable, ever-lasting love and support is a constant reminder of how glorious God is. As they continue to remind my siblings and I that WE ARE MORE - I will continue to remind you that YOU TOO, ARE MORE.

Always remember, you DO NOT need anyone's permission to SOAR!